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We're not just creating a phone application here.

The hauteBusiness phone app can be a CEO's most reliable business partner, allowing you to book upscale Jet & Limousine services quickly and effeciently, all at the tips
of your very own fingers. But hauteBusiness isn't only for that upscale Elite People in the society; No. Our name is hauteBusiness, and we pride ourselves in being
precisely strict Business v.i.a all aspects & platforms.

Business Communication

Anyone who's anyone can download the hauteBusiness application (when we launch 2014). There are 3 types of memberships: 1. Elite Member (Jet & Limo Bookings) 2.
General Member (Limo Services) 3. Non-Member (PHS access)- Downloading the app gets you your very own Haute Space.
An integral Aspect.

 Business Communication
Your PHS owns three capabilities:

1. PHSB-Your PHSB is your bio. Your bio consist of strictly: Logo/Company/Name/Position. Which is all of your bio will require, the PHSB will there be to give and accept
invites using their company hBs members. (you are able to only invite someone to be added to your hBs list once you learn their exact username.hBs. No searching.)

2.PHSP-This is your planner, or your daily agenda. If you are an Elite or General member, your PHSP captures all your jet bookings and limo scheculed pick ups & drop
offs. (All PHSP's may also show you your upcoming daily appointments, including key side notes that you have entered in personally.)

3.PHSCC-This can be your communication center. Your PHSCC has 3 functions: 1. Extend Meeting Invitations (linking right to your PHSP) 2. Personal Message (send a
message to anyone on your own hBs list) 3. Mass Message, or, Company Announcment (for a way your benefiting from the merchandise)

(#1RULE: Non-Members can only contact other non-members, unless they're contacted by an Elite or General Member first.)

See what we did there? We made hauteBusiness accessible to everyone while still keeping the Elites of our own society low-key as well as in heaven.
Sponsorships web hosting Jet Companies

Like I said before, we pride inside us the hauteBusiness module we've accumulated for everyone all the platforms by which we touch.

You will see Sponsorship Packages form of hosting Jet Companies, in which you can use and offer hauteBusiness for your subscriber base. One reason this can be
great is because your clients is only locked on to your Airline when it's time again to book, keeping them sealed and secure with your services, as well as your
services only. Another reason as to why this is great, happens because you have to keep up with the trends of today's world, not merely are mobile booking both for liesure &
business travelers said to double by mid 2014, however, this pays the identical respects when it comes to giving your customers what's very popular and constantly keeping them
happy, always. So, so far we've; Trends; Securing Customers; keeping them Happy; and...Indeed of course, and Business. hauteBusiness will be sending newBusiness, to


hauteBusiness also plays the middle-man between limo companies and our independent members of the hauteBusiness Society.
Revolutionizing the App Industry.

I told you we meant Business. The way I see it is, the app industry's a relatively new industry for the overall game. Being around for only 4 years now, the app industry
today still appears to sprout just one word into my head; Privilege...or dirtybird. I don't know why it is, however just aren't seeing the word "Neccessity" in a aspect of
today's overall market, which led me to only one conclusion; the App Marketplace is indeed a Goldmine. Small business's and independent developers take up a vast
number of the general app industry, which explains why I chose to accept other route & introduce large corporate Business towards the market. My aspirations will be to have
hauteBusiness, Inc. start tremendous levels of doors for the app industry; to spark the information with the creators & masterminds behind the works of a game called
Dirtybirds. C'mon now people, we've got some major improving, and employing

-CEO, Kevin W. Vieldhouse Jr.



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